ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA 2020. Covid1-19 USA: disordini politici, economici, sociali e perdita della libertà – Gli italo-americani con l’assistenza della legge italiana del 1948 stanno progettando di tornare in Italia. The New York Times, 20 agosto (2020): D4.

“Anche le cose più elementari sono diventate politicizzate”, ha detto Anjelica Triola, 34 anni.

USA / ITALY – The New American Status Symbol? A Second Passport – Many U.S. citizens whose families immigrated from Europe are eligible, and the pandemic has caused an uptick in applications. The New York Times, 20 agosto (2020): D4.

‘… Ms. Calistri plans to move to Italy with her 9-year-old daughter and her 73-year-old mother as soon as she receives her new passport. “It’s such a me-first attitude here, and there’s no sense of unity,” Ms. Calistri said.

As the pandemic has ravaged the United States, some Americans are finding that a second citizenship or permanent residency has a renewed appeal. “Even the most basic things have become politicized,” said Anjelica Triola, 34, a director of marketing at Wethos, a company that helps freelancers grow their businesses, who also has Italian heritage.

She brought up protective masks as an example. “My father’s parents came here to be free, and there is an entire generation that are trying to go back now to pursue similar freedoms,” she said.

Some see it as a kind of insurance policy, a way to ensure freedom of movement in the future. Newfound free time at home has enabled others to engage in a laborious application process they have had on their to-do lists for years.

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— The New York Times, 20 agosto (2020): D4.