ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA 2020. Easyjet in trouble in Italy after describing Lamezia Terme / Calabria as land of mafiosi. THE TELEGRAPH U.K., (23/06/2020) & Il Lametino (23/06/2020).

ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA 2020. Easyjet in trouble in Italy after describing Lamezia Terme / Calabria as land of mafiosi. THE TELEGRAPH U.K., (23/06/2020) & Il Lametino (23/06/2020).

“…Lamezia Terme – La Calabria? “Terra di mafia, terremoti, priva di turisti, di città “iconiche” come Venezia e Roma e anche di fan su Instagram”. La scioccante descrizione campeggia sul sito internet della compagnia aerea Easyjet, che alla voce “Ispirami” dedica un apposito spazio a Lamezia Terme – uno degli scali dei voli arancioni – per poi lanciarsi in un racconto della regione senza precedenti. “Questa regione – si legge testualmente sul sito – soffre di un’evidente assenza di turisti a causa della sua storia di attività mafiosa e di terremoti – e la mancanza di città iconiche come Roma o Venezia capaci di attrarre i fan di Instagram”.

— “Calabria terra di mafia e terremoti”, la descrizione shock sul sito di Easyjet alla voce “Lamezia” – REAZIONI. Il Lametino (23/06/2020).

ITALY – Easyjet in trouble in Italy after describing Calabria as land of mafiosi – British airline under fire for its description of the region in the far south of Italy. THE TELEGRAPH (23/06/2020).

An easyJet ad that described Calabria as being largely devoid of tourists because of the threat of the mafia and a history of earthquakes has angered the southern Italian region. “For an authentic taste of Italian life, there’s nothing better than Calabria,” the ad on the British airline’s website said.

“The region suffers from a distinct lack of tourists because of its history of mafia activity and earthquakes.”

The advertisement said that Calabria was also largely neglected by tourism because of “the lack of iconic cities such as Rome and Venice capable of attracting the Instagram crowd.”

An MEP who comes from the town of Cosenza in the heart of Calabria accused the airline of insulting the region, which forms the toe of the Italian boot in the far south of the country.

Italy’s borders opened to European tourists earlier this month and the country is desperate to attract visitors as a way of making up for the huge economic losses it sustained during its draconian lockdown.

Laura Ferrara, from the Five Star Movement, which governs in coalition with the centre-Left Democratic Party, said it was a “shameful” characterisation that “offends Calabria and my people, damages the region’s image and discourages tourists from visiting our land.”

Calabria is home to the powerful ‘Ndrangheta mafia, a drug-dealing network which has criminal ties extending across Italy and as far afield as Australia and North America.

Rather than linking Calabria to the mafia’s hitmen and loan sharks, the region should be celebrated for “its rich and marvellous countryside and gastronomy, for its ancient traditions and the welcome that its people give to tourists and guests,” the MEP said.

She said that she would complain to easyJet in her capacity as a member of the European Parliament commission for transport and tourism.

“Calabria is an incredible place that deserves respect. Enough with this prejudice against southern Italy.”

Peppe Provenzano, Italy’s minister for the south, wrote on Twitter: “easyJet should apologise to Calabria and to Italy. There’s nothing more to add.”

In a statement, easyJet said it had taken down the ad from its website.

“We are very sorry if this content has caused any offence. The intention was to highlight how Calabria is underestimated as a holiday destination for international travellers and to inspire more people to explore the region. Calabria is a key region for easyJet – we fly to Lamezia from Milan, Geneva and Basel, contributing effectively to the connectivity of the region. The content has been removed and we are investigating how this happened.”

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— THE TELEGRAPH U.K., (23/06/2020).